Painting Parties

How It Works

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  •      COORDINATE A DATE, TIME, LOCATION & INVITE YOUR FRIENDS. . . Your location or our Sugar Land studio.

  •      YES…we will travel to your location.

  •      ALL THE MATERIALS ARE PROVIDED . . . We bring everything needed to paint on glass or canvas.  
         (canvases/glasses, easels, paint, brushes, aprons, table covers, floor covering if needed, & more.)

  •      SELECT THE TYPE OF PARTY  . . . We have 3 types of party options:

    1.   Paint a Beverage Glass
                  a.  Paint a wine, martini, beer pint or a child's milk glass
                   b.  $20 per glass

         2.  Featured Painting
     — Everyone paints the same painting with a guide painter.  
                        a.     $35 for a 2-hour painting                 Click here for 2-hour Gallery.
                    b.     $35 for 2-hour Sihouette Madness    Click here for Silhouette Ideas.
    $45  for a 3-hour painting                           Click here for 3-hour Gallery.

    Portrait Painting
                        Each painter paints their own unique image by submitting a digital image to us and we stylize the image to be painted in 3-hours.  
                           a.  Portraits of a pet or person are stylized to be painted in 4-5 colors.
            If you select “Portraits”, we will create a unique stylized portrait from each
picture of their pet or a person.
                      b.   Due to the specialized conditions of this “featured painting”,
                                a high resolution digital images from a camera are required.
                                Most cell phone pictures are not a good the image because it can’t be blown up to 12x12 canvas.
                      c.   Deadline for payment & delivery of all digital images is 3 weeks before the party.   
                                However, if there aren't enough guests by the portrait deadline, we will refund all payments.
                      d.   Due to the customization and special care guests use when painting portraits, plan for this to be 2.5 to 3 hours.
                      e.   Pricing depends on the size of the canvas & number of images on the canvas.



12x12 canvas with 1-image



12x12 canvas with 2-images



18x18 canvas with 1-image



18x18 canvas with 2-images


  •      No experience is required.          We take out the fear & put in the fun.          All paintings are pre-drawn

  •      Everyone will paint-along with step by step instructions . . . & complete their painting in a few hours.

  •      You provide the cocktails & friends.

  •      Minimum party of 10.  (No refunds or credits for "no shows.")

   How Do You Pay

·                 Once you have selected your party type & painting, 2 painter registrations are required.

·                 A web page will be created for your party where guests can pay on secure PayPal with a debit or credit card.

·                 10 paid painters are required 1 week before either a Glass Painting or a Featured Painting Party.

·                 10 paid painters & all digital images are required 3 weeks before the Portrait Party.

·                 There’s NO RISK…if the party doesn’t make, then we’ll refund all payments less a $1 processing fee. 



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